Austin's homeless crisis is so dire, a nonprofit built an $18 million tiny-home village to get the chronically homeless off the streets. Faced with rising numbers of a homeless population several entrepreneurs got together to create a community village where the homeless can recapture what they may have lost. Building a sense of community is everything and this village has it. Listen in to Christopher and Jackson as they break down how this community is thriving in Austin.

AI is being used to clone the departed, and stolen iPhones are making an American famous in China! Join Jackson and Christopher for a delightful distraction from the news. 

Join us for an episode with Christina Holden and John Ade about collaboration! 

How could you possibly fit in relationships, designing for health and wellness, and autonomous vehicles impact on urban design  into one Podcast?  Well.... I figured out how.... Join in to find out as I sit down with my most favorite guest. She is what they call a double jacket with an  undergrad in Architecture and a masters in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech. She is a member of the design studio in a local firm , Croft & Associates, and oh by the way she is my much more creative better half. Briana Riddell Listen in to learn a bit more about us and stick around for when she gives her thoughts on how the autonomous vehicle will impact the urban landscape. 

VR technologies are being used for all sorts of things in and out of our industry. Whether its video games, websites that let you place furniture, or even simulations of the built environment, our world looks more like Black Mirror every day.  But what if you could use this technology to help you find closure? Help in your grieving process and help you take the next step forward. Listen in as Christopher and Jackson discuss a recent use of the technology when a South Korean woman had the chance to reunite with her young child.

Join us for a special episode on how the Coronavirus forced the Chinese to use using prefabrication and military drafting to build a hospital in ten days. Christopher sits down with Anthony and Jackson to discuss how this is possible, and if the United States could/should replicate this effort. 


Christopher has 8+ years of practicing experience within the AEC industry where he served as a BIM manager for an AE firm. His architectural experiences range from large healthcare facilities to places of worship to senior living facilities. Over the last several years, Christopher has placed an emphasis on utilizing technologies such as Dynamo to extend the power of Revit and other BIM technologies. He is also passionate about the transfer of knowledge from one group to the next. He believes it is key to the overall success of the AEC industry. 


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Sustainability has been a buzz word for a long time. With the growing concern around climate change and industry initiatives like the 2030 Challenge we continue to see companies push to be more environmentally conscious. Today's guest certainty has a passion for being sustainable and helping push the industry forward. I'm very excited to have the chance to speak to Sandeep Ahuja. In 2019 she was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list , and is the co-founder and CEO  of Cove Tool . It'll be great to see where she things moving in 2020.

Welcome to the conversation. This is the AEC Disruptors podcast and I’m your host Christopher Riddell.

TDLR Topics:

  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • Cove Tool origin story
  • Sustainable architecture 
  • 2030 Challenge
  • Blackrock investment on sustainability 
January 16, 2020

Why Can’t We Get Along?

Do architects really wear black turtle necks? Do contractors actually build things? Ever wonder why architects and contractors do not get along?  Are these myths ? or is it real?  Today's guests , Tyler Campbell and Eddie Campbell, the hosts of the popular podcast Construction Brothers, join me to debunk these myths and together we discuss how we can get along, how we should collaborate, and how do we move forward...

December 9, 2019

Let’s Talk Chick-fil-A

Join Christopher as we talks with Corey Overton from Chic Fil A about the direction the architecture industry is going.  

Michael LeFevre discusses his new book, “Managing Design: Conversations, Project Controls and Best Practices for Commercial Design and Construction Projects.” He offers excerpts from interviews with more than 40 industry thought leaders. Through the voices of others – architects, engineers, academics, contractors, and technologists – he offers a collective vision of future collaborative practice.  In search of “Design Management Excellence” he shares issues and opportunities you can explore for use in your future projects.

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